Power Struggles

Power StrugglesIn tonight’s second, and more serious episode of “Stop Feeding the Predators” about power, Lynn talks about the power struggles between different groups, nations, religions, and even between adults and children.

Learn how the desire for feeling powerful complicates relationships and brings a cycle of abuse between people. Being powerful over others won’t make you happy; it will just lead to the need for more power over more people.

You are good enough; you don’t have to prove your worth over another persons’s worth. We are ALL worthy of love just as we are. Power struggles don’t prove your worth; they prove your insecurities. We are NOT in competition with each other. We are in competition with who we were yesterday. Every day is a chance to be a better “you”!

The most powerful thing a person can do is to focus on healthy changes for themselves, while allowing the space for others to do the same.

Healing starts here.

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