Healing Starts Here

Healing Starts Here“Stop Feeding the Predators” often uses the phrase “Healing starts here” and it can be heard at the end of every radio show, but what does it mean? Where does the healing start? How does it start?

Tune into this new show at 8 pm EST tonight, appropriately titled “Healing starts here”, as SFTP Founder, Lynn, shares when and how survivors of sexual abuse can begin healing the emotional damage they’ve been carrying around for years. You will understand how acknowledging the abuse is not all that simple. Once we acknowledge it, we must do something with that information; it can’t be ignored anymore. We may place it “on hold” for a while in our minds, but eventually, we must feel the emotional pain of what happened in order to heal completely.

“We must look at the injuries we endured as children and see where healing is needed. You are now the adult who makes decisions for your life and YOU can change avoidance behaviors or life decisions that were based on un-healthy, emotional pain. You CAN heal from the emotional trauma and live the life you have wanted,” says Lynn.