Justin’s Story: From Homelessness & Jail to Recovery

Justin’s StorySPECIAL hour long show tonight on Stop Feeding the Predators at 8pm.

Have you ever wanted to know what a heroin addict is thinking that keeps them stuck in that cycle of use? Do you wish you could help them, but not risk enabling? Are you struggling with your own drug use and want hope for how to get out of that lifestyle – and stay out?

In tonight’s show, Lynn asks the questions you’ve wanted to ask. Justin, an addict for 5 years, gives the answers. In this blunt and honest show, Justin shares his thoughts before and during drug use. He talks about the people he loves and what they did that helped – and things that made it worse. He tells his story about being in prison. He also explains exactly what it took for him to find his sobriety and change his life for the better.

Learn what families can do to help their addicted loved one, without risking the enabling that continues the cycle of drug abuse. Knowing more about the addicted person’s views allows families to really be helpful. He understands how people want to help. He opens up about how to help a person who is working to stay off drugs. No question was off-limits during this hour long interview.

Whether you are addicted, or love someone who is, this show will give insights to help you AND your loved one to find recovery and peace from this awful addiction. There IS hope.

Healing starts here.