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SFTP is dedicated to helping people who have been abused as children, regardless of their age today. We educate ways to make it less likely that next generations are victimized. At this time, private donations allow us to offer services at no cost.

Healing Starts Here.


Our Mission

To help eliminate the shame and gulit that accompanies sexual assault for the survivors and their families, to provide an understanding atmosphere that will aide in the healing process for survivors of sexual assault, to educate people on ways that they can help protect their children.

We help people who have been sexually abused as children, regardless of their current age. SFTP offers emotional support to parents whose children have been abused and helps them to find resources for their specific situation. We also educate people about sexual assault and find ways to help lessen the chances for children to be victimized.

The number of sexually abused children is difficult to determine because most sexual assaults are not reported. Even when reported, very few people discuss it publicly because of the shame associated with it. Sexual assault is a crime; it is not something to be embarrassed about, unless you are the one who has committed the crime. Stop Feeding The Predators was started to help people get past this shame and allow them to find healing in their lives.

Stop Feeding The Predators hosts weekly support meetings, educational seminars, and offers special presentations for groups or organizations. These meetings can help people find ways to heal from the emotional trauma of sexual abuse.

Presentations can be arranged for churches, recovery groups, and social organizations.