Boys vs. Men

Boys vs MenA brand new show for Stop Feeding the Predators is about men. This is a great show for males who wonder what is expected from them. It is an educational show for women, too, who wonder why the “guys” they meet are more like boys than men.

In this show, Lynn talks about the differences between being a “man” and being a “guy”. A “guy” is often manipulative to try to get what he wants, while “men” are considerate and respectful to others. Being respectful to a woman doesn’t mean a man is “whipped.” It means he understands how to interact with a woman and what’s important to her. He also knows that he can protect her or destroy her and he ALWAYS chooses to protect her.

No one needs to teach a dog how to be a dog. We train the dog about our expectations for them to live in our homes, like peeing should be done outside. We don’t need to teach boys “how to be men”; we need to educate them on what is expected of them. . . like don’t get pee on the floor! Haha! While boys and men are certainly not dogs, this example reminds people that boys don’t need to be taught to “toughen up,” “man up,” or “be a man!” Boys need gentle examples of what it means to be a man, to be respectful of others, own up to their mistakes, and protect women – NOT rape them! Healing starts here.


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