The Many Types of Addiction

The Many Types of AddictionTonight’s “Stop Feeding the Predators” at 8 pm EST will help you understand that addiction comes in a variety of styles, but always happens for the same reason: People feel inadequate. In some way, they think they are “not enough”. This could be because of past abuse they have endured or that they have inflicted on someone else.

In this show, host Lynn Wellman talks about different types of addictions. From drugs & alcohol to shopping & cats, you will learn more about many of the commonly known addictions, as well as Lynn’s family’s intervention with her unusual addiction.

People use drugs, alcohol, food, or other addictions to avoid feeling vulnerable. The style of addiction may be different, but the reasons are the same. The real hope in overcoming these addictions is to be vulnerable to all the joys and heartaches in life.

Listen to this “lead – in” show so you will be better informed and prepared for next week’s hard-hitting show. Next week, Lynn talks with a heroin addict who has found his path back to a healthier life after homelessness, fatherhood & jail.

Healing starts here.