Shot, Stabbed or Bludgeoned (…does it really matter?)

Shot, Stabbed or BludgeonedNo matter what you’ve been through, people will always want to know “what happened?” This question will be asked when someone is sexually assaulted, too. There are times when you will need to give details (for prosecution, or your own acknowledgement) and other times, when it’s no one’s business.

In Saturday’s “Stop Feeding the Predators” at 8 pm EST, Lynn talks about the graphic details of sexual assaults. (No actual graphic details are given in this show. It is safe to listen.) She educates about who will need to know the graphic details, who doesn’t, and why the details really don’t matter in order to find YOUR emotional healing from sexual assault.

Whether someone was shot, stabbed, or bludgeoned with a brick, it is clear to see that all of those assaults would need medical attention. Sexual crimes are the same way. No matter what the technical or legal term that’s used to describe what happened to you, you don’t need to tell people the details to heal emotionally from the assault. Knowing whom to tell and when to tell the graphic details can help YOU regain power over your life again.