Being the Mom

Being a MomBeing a Mom is a tough job. Finding out that our child has been sexually harmed can make that “job” feel impossible. Why didn’t we notice something was happening? How could we have failed to keep our child safe? We feel like a failure. Where do we turn for help?

Tune into tonight’s “Stop Feeding the Predators” at 8:00 pm EST as Founder Lynn shares feelings and thoughts from her own personal experience as a Mom whose child had been sexually abused. Listen to her honest revelation of her jealousy and confusion in understanding the relationship between her husband and her daughter. She offers insight for all parents who have a gut feeling that there is something “not quite right” about a relationship between a child and and adult in their life.

Stop Feeding the Predators phone line (614) 403-4545 is available, you can send a message through Facebook or our website and let us help you understand your thoughts and feel more secure that your child is being protected.

Healing starts here.

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