Just a Bunch of Girls

Just a Bunch of GirlsTonight’s ” Stop Feeding the Predators” is about the changes girls go through and how they feel about those changes. From physical changes to relating to others, girls’ self-esteem and self worth are determined by how the adults in our lives help us through this time. When boys are allowed to tease girls, it harms the girls and also sets the standards both children will use for future relationships.

Lynn shares life experiences of being a young girl going through puberty and gives her perspective to remind adults what it’s like being a young girl. Hear her stories of the boys looking at naked pictures of women, girls bleeding through their clothes, and how “just a bunch of girls” had been taught to be a negative thing. Lynn tells how the teachers’ reactions to a group of girls defined her friendships with other women throughout her life.

Listen to this show with your daughters or just a bunch of girls!!




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