Control Freak

Are you a control freak?Are you a “Control Freak”?

For example:

Have you ever been stressed because someone else was helping you and they did it wrong? Perhaps they just didn’t do it the way you preferred, not really incorrectly, but in your mind, it was wrong. . . and it caused you a significant amount of stress.

Tonight’s show is about power and control – including “control freaks” who insist on having everything done a specific way or they get upset. This show offers some insight as to why people may have the feeling they have to control everything.

Listen as Lynn confesses about her control issues, how she made her family crazy, and ways she found to let go. She sees how it has created stress for those who interact with her and anxiety for herself. Learn how she found healthier ways to overcome the need for control over things that really didn’t matter and how she is working to let go of some of the bigger things, too.



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