Stop Feeding the Predators Founder, Lynn Talks With A Mom’s Group

Mothers GroupStop Feeding the Predators Founder, Lynn talks with a Mom’s Group at a church about sexual assault of children. This is the first show recorded during a question and answer presentation.
In a candid presentation, Lynn shares mistakes she made as a Mom to help others learn with the 20/20 hindsight we have when we look back on our lives. She explains the differences between a normal touch and a creepy touch and why that difference is critical in protecting their kids. Lynn shares how subtly abuse can creep up onto a child, even with parents in the same room and watching every interaction. You will understand why, when we push our kids, they are more likely to go a direction we don’t like. Learn how to talk so your kids will listen as well as understand your words. This show is filled with honest information about how to know who you can trust around your children.
Healing starts here.

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